Dear Groupon and Other Assorted Daily Deal Sites:

Oh my god, I love you. You, combined with my shiny new Paypal debit card, have made it so easy to get good stuff cheap and there’s not much I like more than getting good stuff cheap. Sometimes, I know, it may seem like I’ve forgotten about you (sorry,; you were my first and I’ll love you forever, but I just don’t think I am in love with you anymore. Let’s still be friends, ok?) or like I don’t have time for you (you’re a big commitment, You have a lot of “side deals” to investigate, but that doesn’t mean you’re not super.) But the truth is, Groupon and Other Assorted Deal Sites: you have made me one happy woman. I got plans for you.

My most recent purchase: BrightBin (in Blueberry Blue.) $9, thank you very much,

A few weeks ago, I got this Tonka Construction Play Mat for a wicked bahgin, thanks to

You're next, thumbprint pendant, as soon as throws me a bone.

What are your favorite daily deal sites? What were your favorite bargain purchases?

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