• I put The Who in a red, white, and blue outfit yesterday. I even wore one myself. I don’t consider myself unpatriotic, per se, but I am not a “flag-waver.” Having a kid has made me dispense with my party-poopin’ ways and subscribe to theme-dressing. I am mostly ok with this. However, if I ever wear a “Christmas sweater” (you know the kind I mean), please take the wheel because clearly I have lost my mind and shouldn’t be driving.
  • I am trying to think of a way to instill a love of nature in The Who without actually having to spend much time in it myself. I do not enjoy bugs, creatures, or sweating. I do not like to get dirty, be dirty, or play in dirt. I totally want him to love these things. (Although if he doesn’t enjoy catching and keeping snakes and toads, that would be completely fine with me.) I can send him to camp when he’s old enough, but if he’s anything like I was, his lack of early exposure to gross nature will make him less than excited about it when the time comes. Help.
  • Every day, I change my mind about whether or not to keep the cats. They are such a pain in ass. But then yesterday, The Who asked Simon if he wanted a “sandwich” that he was making in his play kitchen. All together now: awwwwwwww.
  • I am one click away from ordering fire truck big-boy underwear from The Gap. This says two things: 1) my baby is almost a boy! 2) the only way to avoid Disney-themed toddler underwear is to order overpriced three-packs online.
  • I’m going to see a movie this afternoon. My third in as many weeks. “What stay-at-home-mom does that?” my friend hooted at me via text. Is it really that weird for an [almost] middle-aged mama to squeeze in a movie in the middle of the day when the kid’s napping away at daycare? I didn’t think so, but now I am rethinking. (I’m still going, though. Popcorn, air conditioning, and Tom Hanks are too compelling.)
  • There will be a return to semi-post-protection here. Entries with full-face photos of The Who will be password protected. If you’re in the Circle of Trust, you know the password (comment and ask for it if you don’t) and if you’re not, sorry. Truly, I am, but I have to take at least a rudimentary stab at privacy.

7 thoughts on “Bullets.

  1. Okay, a few hints. First, my kid at three was already an avowed hater of dirt and grunge. I nearly wept with joy when I picked him up from The School In Rose Valley and his hands were muddy. They play in dirt all the time, digging, etc. On that particular week, they discovered a great mud puddle and played in it every day. Heaven.

    Undies that are cute and Disney free can be had at Gymboree, often for 60% off in the red bins by the register, in 2T.

    • I have heard that about SRV from another friend of mine who is not a nature-girl and whose kid goes there. I would love him to dig in mud and get dirty at school. It doesn’t happen where he is now. Perhaps I should make that a priority when deciding private vs. public.

      Also, good tip on Gymboree! When we’re in full-swing potty-using, I will look there! Thanks!

  2. If you’re not in the mood for a pep talk, skip this comment…
    If self care is important for everybody; the sahm needs it in spades. However you choose to spend it, it is yours. It’s important for not just you but the whole family that you have time to yourself to enjoy. Do not let anybody challenge your right to time for yourself… of course! see a movie!

    Outdoors? I’m a gardener, camper, and love the outdoors. My mom never went outside if she didn’t have to. We had a cottage for 20 years and she went to the beach once! So relax. If he ever goes to camp or plays outside at school or in the neighborhood, he’ll do his own thing.

  3. Re: the nature question – The Mass Audubon Society has story hours/activities for preschool age kids every other week, and they also have a sort of abbreviated nature preschool program (2 hours or so, a couple times a week). We actually attend a lot of homeschool classes there but my little kids love it too. There are lots of opportunities to do all these outside things, and then they take that experience with them and it’s pretty neat to see them transfer it on their own in the yard or wherever. Next thing you know you’ve got a kid who knows more than you do about all that stuff. I know you are not in Mass, but maybe there is an equivalent organization near you? (I am woefully ignorant as to whether or not there is a PA Audubon Society…)

    • good tip, janice. thanks! i looked it up and there is a PA Audubon. In fact, the closest center to me is in Audubon, PA. who knew?? it seems that there is a “young naturalist” program that is geared toward 3-5 year olds and teaches them about wildlife, etc. it sounds like something that would be fun to do next summer and something i never would have thought of!

  4. Item 1 was really funny! Itwo two: I’m right there with you which might be why neither you nor Mike liked camp much. The audubon stuff might be fun for him if there’s something around there but not everyone loves to be dirty…all you can do is laugh when he gets dirty so it ends up feeling ok to him. We have audubon in Canton so maybe something to do there while you are here next time. Item 5 — yes do treat yourself well…will help everyone around you. Item 6 — thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. I like buvbeck’s comment (the self-care one). That totally makes me feel better about going to yoga class when the sitter is watching my kids so I can presumably work. (Between lost wages, the sitter’s pay, and the cost of the class, one yoga class “costs” about $75–yikes. But it’s ultimately priceless!)

    But movies? Now _I_ want to go to a midday movie!!

    I am relieved you will stop at Christmas sweaters. Thank you, from all of us here in blog-reader land. 😉

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