He likes to rest. A few weeks ago when we went to IKEA, he spent the largest chunk of our time there climbing in and out of all the toddler beds, pretending to sleep. He enjoys a nice stroll into town lately. And he’s upstairs napping right now.

My kid loves to nap.

I wouldn’t say he loves to nap more than he loves to not-nap. He’s plenty active during the day and enjoys being on the go. I’m not concerned about his nap-love, but I am aware of it and people often comment on it. With an appropriate 5-minute warning, he will happily climb the stairs, get into the crib, snuggle down, and say goodnight. No fanfare. No complaining. No stalling for more playtime. No stories, songs, or ritual. Just time for sleep. Same with bedtime (although there is more of a routine there. Bath, stories, and songs.) He goes to sleep. He likes it. And he wicked needs it.

I’m shocked by stories of 2-and-a-half year olds who no longer nap. Or those that do nap, but then stay up until all hours. The Who is a solid 2-hour daily napper and in bed by 7:30, most nights. And if he’s anything like his Mommy, this will continue for the rest of his life. (Please note that I said “Mommy” and not “Mama.” I hate napping and rarely do it. I feel all out of sorts and grumpy, but m* is great at it.)

One thought on “Naps.

  1. Just read an article about how healthy napping is and that we all should be doing it at least once a day…Guess Dad, Marcia, Mike and Ash have that in common! Hope it’s not too much sugar for all of them???

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