Potty training.

I’m feeling like, at least according to the checklist, The Who’s about ready. I could answer “yes” to 15 of the 17 readiness questions and I’m feeling more and more like it’s time. (For what it’s worth, I answered “no” to the one about caring if he’s in a wet/dirty diaper and telling me before he pees or poops.) I kept thinking that he would tell me when he was ready — like actually ask to use the potty — and then I would just know, but I’m starting to believe that that doesn’t actually jive with his personality. He certainly asks to do a lot of things (open and close the microwave, cut his own crusts off, etc.) but there are a million things he can do that he doesn’t, simply because I haven’t encouraged him to and he hasn’t asked.

He could totally climb into his car seat and buckle the top part, but he doesn’t. He probably could physically climb out of his crib, but he doesn’t. He could unlock the door and walk out, but he doesn’t. And, chances are, with a concerted effort, he could pee in the potty. But he doesn’t.

In the fall, he will move up into the 3-year-old class at school (although he will be almost three months shy of 3) and he will be the only one not potty-trained. They are ok with it and haven’t put any pressure on me or him at all (although they have hinted at the fact that they will “work on it” when he is in that class) but it just seems like a perfect opportunity to start working on it here at home. Plus the fact that it’s summertime and we’ll have no school or work in August, so there will be plenty of dedicated days in a row where we could just hang out, practicing. I just feel like we’re ready.

And also, so not ready.

No more diapers? When he’s potty trained, he will have the flat little underwear’d butt of a big boy. I won’t be seen as a mama when my grocery cart no longer contains diapers. Our whole nighttime routine will change. Diapers are really the last part of his babyhood. (Ok, well the binky, too, but you know what I mean.) It’s hard to make that leap.

We’ve got another couple of months before I think we really need to work on it in earnest if we’re going to do it. But I do think we’re going to. It’s time.

His first diaper ever.

4 thoughts on “Time.

  1. Nothing wrong with trying it and backing off if it’s not time yet. We made an attempt with E and she’s almost there, but not quite. And I’m also not ready to be the potty police…going to the potty every 20 minutes is mind-numbingly boring.

    Part of me is also jaded enough to think that even if I train her now, she’ll regress no matter what come November and the arrival of #2.

  2. You didn’t ask for advice, so I won’t offer any, but let me know if you want some. Summer is a great time for this! Peeing outside is fun! Wearing no pants is great! Wheeeeee!
    You are both ready for this. Good luck!

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