Dog Face.

Here’s why I like foursquare today: one free admission to the museum the first time you check in there. Despite the fact that the cell signal completely sucks in most of suburban Boston (at least in my experience), I was able to check in and save a big $7.50 on our day’s adventure.

It is always best to hit a museum the moment it opens. This is not a hard lesson to learn. You go once during prime time and never again, which is why I was completely proud of MamaCat for getting out of her house on time with two small ankle-biters in tow.


See, what happens when you get the museum right as it opens is that no one’s on the fire truck yet, they don’t really care if you happen to stroll in with a brand new full cup of iced Dunkies (despite the stern “no food or drink” warning signs), nobody’s at the train table, and nobody (well, not many people) stares when it’s the mama shimmying up the fire pole instead of the kid to ring the bell (It was not I. Please delete that image from your mind immediately.)

Another benefit of hitting the museum early is that the face-paint crayons are whole and tidy and there’s no line to “put on your face” in front of the broadway-lit mirror.


Be warned, however: if you sit down in the empty stool next to your son, people will assume you are the official face-painter and you will have painted four full faces before you can slide out from under the crushing crowd of field trip schoolchildren demanding their dog and butterfly faces.

I could have done better with a sponge and some pancake makeup. (I still shoulda put out a tip cup!)

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