Vacation Sleep.

The kid is in his crib right now. At 10:54am. It’s reminiscent of the infant days, is what it is. Up every couple of hours during the night and then crashed out for a morning nap. The difference here, of course, is that my big 2.5 year old will not be going down for an afternoon nap if he does actually fall asleep right now. I don’t think I mind, though.

We’re on vacation, see. And vacation-rules are completely different than house-rules. I mean, I really try to set our days up so that his routine is very similar to home. We try to be home for a nap every day and we try to get a bath and into bed around the same time, but sometimes it all just goes to hell, no matter how well it’s planned. And then you just do whatever it takes to get you through the days with as little whining as possible.

Last night, for example, after his regular two hour afternoon nap, The Who and I went to my brother and sister-in-law’s to play and have dinner. Needless to say, we changed into jammies there and didn’t get home ’til 9pm. The Who wasn’t in bed until close to 10 and his allergies have been wrecking him lately, so his stuffy nose combined with the weird bedtime schedule meant he was up all throughout the night. So, yeah. Now he’s napping.

I’m trying not to stress out about it. Trying to go with the flow, but I know I’ll be paying a hefty price for it when we get back home.

In other, completely unrelated news: I will be coming home with two giant bags of right-now clothes for The Who from my well-dressed nephews. It’s like hitting the lottery, getting good hand-me-downs. I am now in the fortunate position of being able to sift through and choose my favorites among all the clothes we’ve been given. I love being part of this little mom-club that shares and helps and takes care of its own. And I love giving just as much as getting. This weekend, in fact, I sent an old friend home with a giant bag of The Who’s old clothes for her baby. Paying it forward.

And now, off to check if that little tired boy has fallen asleep. It’s awfully quiet in there…

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