Who on the Road. (Again.)

We did a bit of traveling this past weekend. Just an appetizer, really, for the Great Big Trip next week (which won’t even happen if I don’t send my reunion payment in, but that’s a whole ‘nother post on a whole ‘nother blog.)

Last week, our friend Michelle asked us to come visit her in Virginia and since we were free, we packed an overnight bag (which in our case is really an overnight “soupcase” filled with a noise machine, a video monitor, a pack-n-play, some fire trucks, a bunch of books, and — oh, right — some clothes and a toothbrush) and hit the road. We planned an action-packed two days, complete with a visit to the National Zoo and a ride on the Metro, but thanks to two missed exits and a LOT of traffic (is this much construction really necessary? It’s like they’re rebuilding the entire route from Philly to DC, one lane at a time) we didn’t make it in time to get to the zoo. I think I was more disappointed than The Who, who, unlike me (at least so far in his short life) does not seem to get his entire spirit crushed by a last minute change in plans. (I hope that by changing things up now and then, he develops a sense of flexibility that I seem to have entirely missed the boat on.)

Luckily, Michelle’s boyfriend is a car enthusiast and has an enormous 8-car garage full of toys (a 1948 mint-green Chevy among them) that he allowed The Who to play with. Of course, his favorite was the replica 1950s pedal fire engine (with removable ladders!) and so we were all fine just to hang out for a while.


The rest of our short, but fun weekend included:

  • Coffee cake for breakfast (“Oh, Mama! There’s cake! Is it birthday cake? Can I have some please?”)
  • Brunch (complete with actual protein and everything) with good friends
  • Plucking out “Jingle Bells” on a shabby grand piano
  • Grilled carne asada on the patio while peeking in on the toddler with the video monitor
  • Downloading free apps on an iPhone that is not mine, but that I covet
  • Munchkins (long road trips always include munchkins)

Next week, we pack back up for a much more involved trip to Boston (our regular bi-monthly road trip.) I’m going to have to shake it up a little, I think. The laptop and a box of donuts are no longer enough to make hours in the car entertaining.


One thought on “Who on the Road. (Again.)

  1. Sounds like a great trip. So you are heading to Boston soon, huh? Let me know if you want to visit Lyndell’s or have us head your way. Tuesdays are our “free” day (as in, no sitter no work).

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