They say it’s time to start teaching manners. Or maybe it’s time to enforce them? I don’t know. I feel like we started teaching manners the day he was born just by being polite people. And when he’s in a good mood, he totally comes through. This morning, for example, well-rested after a 12-hour solid sleep, he came into the kitchen and said, sweetly, “Mama? Will you open the porch for me?” And when I did, he sung, “Ganks, Mama!” and happily slipped out into our 3-season room to scour for Little People to climb the ladders on his fire trucks.

But, it’s not always so Leave it to Beaver around here, believe you me. Plenty of mornings, not quite so well-rested, he wakes up whining and continues, interspersing thankless demands in between. His pleasant and courteous porch-door request this morning could have just as easily been a whiny, “I waaaant the pooooorch ooooopen.”

I wish I could depend on his pleasant mornings, but I suppose you can’t depend on very much with a two-year-old. This seems to be a lesson I am re-learning every day.

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