Here’s a little something I never knew: even a little bit of carsick can make a really big mess.

I refuse to believe that a child of mine can have carsickness. I, with the stomach-of-steel, could not possibly have birthed a baby who would quietly vomit in the back seat while I pumped gas and then calmly say, “Look, Mama. I dripped.” Yet, drip he did. Fortunately for us, we had packed nearly our entire wardrobe into two large duffel bags for our trip to see family, so a quick change in the windy gas station parking lot was simple. A couple of spritzes of my travel air freshener (a life saver that I will never be without — ever) and we were good to go.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. Nine hours of uneventful. Nine hours, friends, is a long time to be in a car with grown-ups, let alone a toddler. By the end of the trip, he was just sighing loudly from the back seat. Letting out involuntary “harumph”s every now and then and occasionally following up with “I like to get OUT.”

Despite this, though, road-tripping with a toddler is not entirely un-fun. First of all, the highway is a freaking bounty of exciting things. Dump trucks, cement mixers, underpasses, overpasses, digger trucks, and other sundry delights. There’s also the hours of uninterrupted alone-time for me when napping happens, which it inevitably does at some point. Road trips are also a really good excuse for buying Munchkins, which we did both on the way up and the way back. (Did you know that in Massachusetts, they are Very Serious about their Munchkins? Blueberry cake Munchkins. French cruller Munchkins! Are you kidding me with these miracles?)

Still, 24.5 hours of driving in 6 days (my rough estimate, including hour-long journeys to playgrounds and lunch-spots) is a lot, even for your most patient travelers. It was worth it, though. It was totally worth it for these reasons alone:

Visiting the fire house with Grandpa

Shirtless wrestling with the cousins

Sunny running in Harvard Square

This unbelievably delicious stuff, which is inexplicably unavailable locally.

And we’ll do it again. And again and again and again, despite our road-weariness. Next time, though, maybe we’ll line the car seat in plastic. Y’know — just in case.

2 thoughts on “Roadtripping.

  1. We had a car-vomit situation once. In someone else’s car and car seat. Ugh. It was 11 degrees out and we had to go to a police station to clean up and change. The car seat had to be thrown out.

    It was really disgusting.

    But it was great to see you!

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