Cold and Dark.

Let me talk to you about the past few days.

First, The Who got sick. Standard, run-of-the-mill, late-winter sick. Runny nose, cough. After a couple of days, I hauled him to the pediatrician, where he was diagnosed with his first ear infection. He started antibiotics and barely slept that night, despite being propped on two pillows and taking round-the-clock ibuprofin.

So, as The Who was suffering with his stuff, m* started feeling sick herself. She went to work, but she didn’t look good at all. On the second night of The Who’s sleep strike (which included two hours in my bed, whispering and playing with my hair), I started feeling sick. Ominous scratchy throat and chills. I even stayed home from Mom’s Night Out, which I never do.

The next day, The Who refused to nap. The kid who loves to nap refused to nap. He hung out in his crib, reading books for nearly an hour, but he didn’t nap. I think, however, that I shut my eyes for a second, but they immediately snapped open when the monitor beside me started hissing and screaming with static. And then I noticed that, thanks to the howling windstorm, all the lights were off. And the TV, too. And my laptop was no longer charging.I said ‘screw it’, got The Who out of the crib and resigned us to an early bedtime.

The culprit: this giant uprooted tree, which fell into a house around the corner, taking the electrical wires with it.

I set about readying the house for a cold, dark night in case the power didn’t come back (which it didn’t. It finally came back 24 hours later.) I did the dishes, I picked up toys, I gathered candles, and laid out flashlights. The Who and I ate delivered pizza and then bathed by candlelight and I finally got him in bed. (Please don’t think this means he slept; he didn’t. And each time I had to go to him in the middle of the night to assure him that, despite the pitch darkness, he was ok, I was here, and all was well, I was freezing. It was warm in my bed, under two down comforters, but the rest of the house was a frigid 52 degrees.)

Pizza delivery by candlelight.

When m* got home from work, it became apparent that her sickness had descended into a throat infection and so, I sent her to a hotel, armed with called-in antibiotics,  so she could get warm and get rested and get better. She is still there. Meanwhile, The Who and I have been busying ourselves out of the house. Although his idea of “putting batteries in the microwave so we can cook the cocoa” was an ingenious one (really, wasn’t it?) we took ourselves out for breakfast. Then we hit swimming lessons at the Y, where we also got a hot shower. We had lunch and a nap at our friend’s house and finally, when we checked back home at 5, it was warm again.

Tomorrow, m* will come home and maybe she will be well enough to spell me. It’s been a hell of a few days.


One thought on “Cold and Dark.

  1. Wow, that sounds like a little tornado of hell that whirled through your life. Hope you’re feeling better. You are a MUCH better spouse than I am, sending *m* off to a hotel and all when you yourself were also sick (and home in the cold and dark, couch-surfing at naptime).

    I raise my glass to your family’s improved health, your unstoppable good spirits (yep, they still shine through), and your ingenuity (a pizza picnic by candlelight! how fun!) (and HIS ingenuity-batteries for the microwave?? I am totally patenting that idea RIGHT NOW).

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