Snow Day.

We bought a snow suit for The Who last December, in Boston, when we got smacked with a huge snowstorm on our vacation. He wore it once — and not even on that trip. Just the once. I mean, he was a baby, y’know? Despite the every-other-day snow we got here, it just wasn’t worth it to bundle him into the thing just to sit him on top of a snowbank and snap a picture. So, yeah. Just the once.

Which is why I was psyched to find out that the snowsuit still fits him this winter. Still, as anyone who has ever been packed into one (and/or packed a kid into one) knows, snowsuits are a giant pain in the ass. So, despite the every-other-day snow we’re getting here this winter, too, he’s still only been in the suit once.

This morning, we woke up to snow. Falling snow, which is more enticing to me than just a bunch of snow that fell overnight and so instead of sitting out this storm like we’ve sat out the rest, staying inside with too much Barney’s Christmas Star and puzzle-“building”, I stuffed that child into that snowsuit and dragged on some warm clothes and boots of my own and out we went. And it was probably the most fun we’ve had spontaneously in a long time.

It was a bonus that our pals called us while we were walking into town so we got to hang out with them (and get a ride back home! Do you have any idea how long it takes a 2-year-old to walk half a mile in a snowsuit and giant Elmo snow boots?)

We struck gold when the firefighters opened their doors to shovel their driveway.


They warned motorists to stay home. See what happens when you don't listen? Busted on the side of the road.

Totally successful snow day. So successful that I wouldn’t even be devastated if day care was cancelled tomorrow. (I mean, I’m not hoping for it, but I’m just saying I wouldn’t be devastated.)


Mmm. Tasty.

3 thoughts on “Snow Day.

  1. What a great day! We are hoping for a similar day tomorrow except we are having the Great Snow Boots Crisis. His current boots are too small and not waterproof (!!), so I ordered some from LL Bean. They SHOULD fit but the design is such that he can’t get INTO them. So we have 3 more pairs of boots (why not? One pair has to fit, right?) en route to us but none will be here by tomorrow. So he has a snowsuit or else snow pants and a new snow jacket, but NO BOOTS. ARGHHHH.

    • oh, man! there has to be a solution. kitchen garbage bags over each foot and up the leg and then just sneakers? you need to get outside with that child tomorrow. you’ll scratch your eyes out (and maybe his, too) if you don’t!

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